I am an editor, animator, and colour grader based in London but also work from Ireland and Bristol.

I edit both long and short form films and TV shows, I have a very strong technical background as well as creative, having created videos for multiple multinational companies, big brands, and broadcasters.

Below is a small portfolio of my work.



TV series Making Of A Mogul, hosted by Anita Erskine.
Each episode looks at the way certain people in various industries have made a big success of their name in various places of work and how this has impacted their lives and the lives of others on their road to success. It also highlights the challenges of work and looks at family and social activities.

Position: Online and offline editor on Final cut pro
Runtime: 30 Mins
Producer: Michael Akwesi Djaba
Production: I-factory Live
Camera: Canon 5D/7D
Host: Anita Erskine

Help for Heroes Everest Base Camp Experdition

The Everest Base Camp Expedition sees wounded hero Lance Corporal Jonathon "Frenchie" Le Galloudec, trek 75 miles over 19 days, reaching a height of 17,590 feet.
In June 2007, Jon sustained a gunshot wound to his spine while serving in Iraq, which has left him partly paralyzed. His best friend was killed while trying to rescue him.
Jon was told he would never walk again and his ongoing recovery, supported by Help for Heroes, has astounded doctors.


Hope of Deliverance

'Hope of Deliverance' is a character piece, part-melodrama, part-dark-comedy-of-sorts, inspired by Todd Solondz and Cameron Crowe. An unrequited crush on a film set leads Francis to a succession of attempts to rebound, uncovering uncomfortable truths about himself.


Selected for the London Independent film 2012

Martin is a young, aspiring writer but seems to be quite uninspired. While attending a weekly creative writing class, headed by a pompous, past-it TV writer and comprised of highly competitive but equally frustrated types,
Martin bears constant sniggering at his drafts. His plots seem to be missing something, they say, so the tutor advises him to write what he knows. Upon incorporating flashy violence into his tales, Martin is confronted by a colleague regarding his source of inspiration. He claims to have merely followed their advice but how exactly is murder what he knows?

Position: Editor and colour grader on Premier and Davinci Resolve
Runtime: 9 mins
Camera: Canon C300
Director: Pedro Rilhó
Writer: Leila Hobday
Stars: Peter Broome, Georgia Goodman, Mike Histon